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August 15, 2011


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Mike Dalton

Personally, I've never found lists effective and prefer a visual pull system called Kanban (Japanese for Sign board). Jim Benson's new book, Personal Kanban, is an excellent resource on the subject and as a club member I think it is an approach other members would really appreciate. Here's a post on how I use it ( ). Jim would be a great expert interview - just let me know if I can help with an introduction.

Karl McCracken (twitter: @k_mccracken)

Great stuff - I've lost count of the number of managing-your-to-do-list techniques that I've tried, but this one seems to make a whole lot of sense.

One question - if you get to Wednesday & have completed all ten items on your weekly list, do you pull forward another couple, or give yourself the rest of the week off? ;-)


awesome, something I can put into action and use and I will!

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