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March 22, 2011


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Susan Kruger

I am very much looking forward to Alan's new book. I read "Million Dollar Consulting" based on your recommendation years ago and it is one of the very best business books I've ever read.

To add a little to the point of leveraging your intellectual firepower, as a "study skills" expert, I don't believe it is necessarily the amount of time you spend "sharpening your saw," it is how strategically you do so. If you are really in the zone and using "high gear learning," you can get the best 80% of value out of 20% of a book. In other words, you can spend 20 minutes reviewing two very powerful chapters of a book and have 80% of the value out of it. At this rate, you can examine a new book everyday. This does not work for all books, but is great for most.


Success Intelligence by Robert Holden Ph.D

John Levy

I recommend

"True Purpose" by Tim Kelley (aligning yourself with your inner guide/spirit -- not nearly so New Age as it sounds); and

"A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink (how right-brain people are showing the way for all of us to become more balanced in our approach to the world).

Clarissa Sawyer

Robert--great idea--become an expert by doing the work of reading widely in your field! I'm a voracious reader, and appreciate the nod. Love your list of your top 10 books, too! BTW, it's non-obvious how to find your FB page. I tried searching for it with the terms you provide ([email protected]), but this doesn't produce the page. In addition there are several named action plan marketing. You FB page needs a picture of you as the icon so we know it's you when we see thumbnail images of a list of FB pages.

Matt Green

Getting Things Done. Great book

Ian Brodie

I'm guessing modesty forbids you from listing teh Infoguru manual Robert - but it would be up there on my list.

Also there for solo professionals would be CJ Hayden's Get Clients Now and Michael Port's Book Yourself Solid.

In fact those two, along with your Infoguru manual and Weiss's Million Dollar Consulting make up my "sole practitioner" recommended reading over at

There are some other recommendations up there for larger firms and about marketing and sales more generally too.


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