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March 29, 2011


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Hi Robert,

A timely post.

I'm "too serious" about the name of a blog I'm setting up and it's causing me to be "too stressed."

Balancing "research," "gut instinct," "fun," etc is tough when it comes to marketing.

How about your take on "How to Make Tuff Marketing Decisions?"

Jennifer Claire

I was just this morning thinking about this topic!

Regarding my seriousness toward my work: it's amazing how interruptions pop up as soon as I set serious intentions to make some serious progress on my work.

It's tricky. The interruptions are "good" things--a phone call I've been waiting for for 6 years from a man I always wanted to date, a student who genuinely needs my help, or an invitation to spend the day on a sailboat~!

The phenomenon: When I get seriously committed to my reason for being on this planet--the moment I take serious action toward my vision--a shift occurs in the heavenlies, and I instantly attract "good."

The confession: I tell myself I can "handle" the interruptions and get right back to my intention afterward, but when I allow interruptions in those "breakthrough" moments, I don't recover the opportunity that was lost.

The lesson: I am a big proponent of flexibility, but when I make a serious commitment to make progress--when I have that rare opportunity to break through to a new level in a moment that won't come again soon--I need to protect my commitments. Even from the "good" guys! :)


Yes, I've definitely got stories... I hardly ever got comments on Facebook and wondered why. I asked a friend to look at my comments and tell me what I was doing wrong. Of course, it was because I came across too formal.

I discovered an exercise I use now whenever I post blog comments (like I'm doing now) or Facebook posts or tweets.

I imagine I'm standing at the water cooler and just shooting the breeze. It works because I've gotten more comments and conversation started than before.

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