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February 15, 2011


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Susan Hand

I have my email client set up to do some of the heavy lifting for me. First I have 3 different email addresses to handle the different parts of my life - personal, business and "online shopping". This last one handles all of the sales notices I get once you buy something online and I seldom if ever read it.

Second, rules rule! I've got rules set up to handle prioritizing what I read and when and all with associated folders. I don't have to sort through dozens of notes to find my clients emails.

Rules become even more powerful when I use them to corale all of the communications about projects. Each project has it's own set of rules and it's own folders. When I'm working with a specific client all I have to do is open that specific project folder. The rules automatically keep it current with each send/receive.

Karen Reyburn

Definitely concur! Some great tips there. Also the book 'Do It Tomorrow' by Mark Forster is excellent - changed the way I look at my to do lists!!

Gary Slavin

I have friends and colleagues that receive email via droid or iPhone continuously. One recommemdation I have is to not leave your cell phone on email and avoid receiving notification for every single email receieved. Also, while working on your computer in word, excel or whatever, close Outlook so you're not notified every 20 minutes when you receive new emails. As the book recommends, open Outlook every hour, twice a day, whichever and dictate when you check email. Don't let Outlook dictate to you. Hope this helps any email addicts out there.

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