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January 10, 2011


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Sarah Meaker

I find that SMART goals are a start but until I identify the obstacles to achieving the goal which are usually old tapes within me and work towards solutions I get stuck. This year I want
to see a 100% to 200% increase in my business. If I write my goals and truly focus on the actions daily I can achieve that goal. Marketing Mastery might also help.

Jim Blanchard

I find that Jacky's comment is the key. Developing goals and identifying actions has little value unless you take daily action focused on meeting them. On my e-mail today are three blogs, programs and reminders to set and move forward on business and life goals. Maybe I should listen.

Gary Slavin

I have found that breaking up big, SMART goals into objectives with milestones you can measure to track your progress toward a big goal is helpful. Also, developing strategies and tactics for each objective ensures you stay on track and are accomplishing something on a daily or weekly basis toward accomplishing this goal.

Jacky  Tustain

Great article and spot on where I'm at! My big SMART goal is to achieve financial independence within the next 3 years.

I've realised how self limiting, unfocussed and lacking in clarity as to what I mean by this I have been in the past, which has meant I've not moved on at all.

Now, my daily task is to ensure I have done something that moves me towards that goal. I now live and breathe what financial independence means to me - the main motivator is about freeing up my time for myself and my family. That is something I can really dream about, visualise and focus on.

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