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January 05, 2011


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Steve Knerem

I'm definetly tracking with doubling my income in 2011. I have laid out goals and objectives to reach those goals. I also set a month to month and week to week goal sheet in order to double my income.
I have a feeling I will be marketing more than ever in 2011.
I'm working towards double the exposure and doubling my networks.

Lastly, it's not that I didn't know this but after I wrote out my plan I realized "I have to take action steps!" Once the new year began it's been 5th gear action steps!

Here's to a double profit 2011!

Robert Middleton

Hi Gordon. Thanks for your comment. This example was only an illustration. There are many ways to do this. I more than doubled my income by doing group programs (and cut my client hours in half). Others might decrease their clients but get better ones at a higher fee as you are doing. My friend and coach, Patrick Summar, has 6 to 8 clients at any given time and charges $2500 or more per month. The point is that we do very little planning to raise our income. We usually settle for much less than is possible. So I think your strategy is good, but just as a "thought experiment" what would you need to do to double your income? - And not that doubling your income is the "right" thing to do either. But most would find good use for that extra income!

Gordon Graham

But watch out. How many consultants can actually HANDLE 17 to 19 new clients a year? I certainly can't. I'm planning to increase my income this year with almost the opposite tactic: by cutting DOWN my number of clients, being more selective so I don't get involved with less profitable projects, increasing my fees slightly, and asking for more repeat business from my existing clients.

For anyone already working at close to capacity, I believe this is a more workable approach than adding that many more clients.

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