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December 20, 2010


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Great article! I love Napoleon Hill. I just downloaded your free Marketing Plan Workbook which I really appreciate. I look forward to diving in! Happy New Year!

Robert Middleton

Thanks everyone for your sincere appreciation of this article. I wish all of you and all my subscribers the very happiest of Holidays.

Cheer, Robert

Charlie Lang

Totally agree, very timely reminder and I find myself guilty of not doing it enough. In the area where I grew up (Swabia, South-West Germany), we have a saying: "Not complained means praised." Means, we are certainly not world champions in the area of recognition. Perhaps one of the reasons why it doesn't come totally naturally to me.

Yes, we were taught to be 'polite' and say "thank you" when someone gives us something. What you are talking about is so much more than that and I'd like to follow Cynthia and make being more appreciative and grateful my New Years Resolution 2011 as well (even though I'm not big at making such resolutions, but this one is worth one).

And let me start here right away: I truly appreciate your ezines, they are one of the very few I almost always read. What I appreciate most about them is that they keep me alert and ensure our marketing muscle doesn't become weak. Thank you so much, Robert.

Cynthia Hallanger

Thank you for this timely and valuable message. You've inspired a marketing resolution for 2011, one which I will absolutely commit to: set aside 1 hour each week for handwritten appreciation cards. It feels very powerful! With gratitude for your generous sharing, year after year. All the best in 2011.

Julia Mattern

Thank you for a wonderful article. And it reminds me of how powerful the lessons I learned from my parents many years ago were and how well many of them still serve me today, including the practice of writing (by hand, not e-mail) thank-you notes.

Acknowledgment is actually a coaching skill and one of my favorites to use with my clients, although we use it more in the sense of making the client feel known, than giving a compliment. And it is still a powerful form of validation whose impact you can feel even over the phone. I make it a habit to appreciate my clients, and also my own coach and everyone else in my life. Gratitude is truly the most powerful emotion.

And in that spirit, thank you for your generosity in sharing your expertise and experience and your commitment to building quality relationships in your life and business.

Mona - Some Like It Raw

Love it! The power of thank you notes like this is compounded for people whose primary Love Languages is Words of Affirmation, also.

Some people respond especially well and feel especially loved when they are appreciated with written or verbal words. So the good feelings you help others feel are even MORE lovely.

(You can read more about the 5 Love Languages by Googling Gary Chapman.)

Here's one of my favorite short videos showing how powerful appreciation of people and things can be. Learn from this little girl:

This IS one of the most important messages you've shared, Robert. I've said many times on my own blog that the desire to be appreciated is one of the deepest needs every human being has. Thank you for emphasizing how critical this is for a fulfilling life and a successful business. I appreciate all YOU do to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

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