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November 02, 2010


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Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

I'd like to offer a different viewpoint on your first piece of advice above regarding press releases.

Truth is, press releases are almost useless when it comes to enticing the media because journalists despise press releases. If you want a really big story, you must deliver a customized pitch which is 100 times more effective.

The best use for online press releases is to reach consumers directly by bypassing traditional media. Do it well, and you can pull a lot of traffic to your website from the releases.

Press releases used for this purpose don't have to be newsy.

If you created a product five years ago that solves a problem, the gist of the press release can be about the problem. You can mention several solutions to the problem. Your product, with a link to your sales page, can be one of them.

Don't forget a call to action:

--"Download your free report here."

--"For more information, call...."

--"See 15 more tips on how to stay organized at..."

Jenn Mattern

I'd like to add one to the list:

6. You mistake "media relations" for "public relations," and don't look beyond that very limited scope when giving PR advice.

Gary Slavin


As usual, a great eZine. I have been doing PR for over 20 years and the biggest issue always is point number 1 that Susan makes. A press release shouldn't be a sales pitch and must have information relevant to the media's audience. The objective of any press release should be to get media exposure and make you or your company appear to be the experts, someone that your target market would want to contact to get advice, assistance etc. This has always worked for my clients in the past.

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