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October 26, 2010


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Clarissa Sawyer

A failure to appreciate is frequently a dynamic in large client organizations I consult to. Each layer of the organization dismisses or minimizes the perspectives of the other level. People who are UP in the organizational hierarchy view the needs and concerns of people DOWN as "whining" or "complaining." The UPs believe the DOWNs don't understand how demanding and complex it is to run an organization and make change happen. The DOWNs view the UPs as "uncaring" and "not getting" the complexity and challenge of life on the front lines (or the middle). Both UPs and DOWNs fail to appreciate and honor the validity of each other's perspective.

Kimmo Linkama

Just curious about Keeping in Touch: as much as Twitter is lauded as the ultimate engagement tool, I noticed that since 2009, you've only tweeted on two days in February and one day in July this year.

What put you off Twitter?

Steve Beaman

I found over the years that many times I would call on a customer just to say hello and would ask if their is something I could help them with. There would always be something they were thinking of doing but just had not called me. This even happened when I would stop by their offices for an unrelated issue. Always hear "Oh, by the way while your here could we talk about ...."

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