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August 24, 2010


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Joseph Geraghty

Hi All,

I just spent two days on an accreditation course Happines at Work. Really had a great time and as a subject it is very much worth exploring. However, I really enjoyed the sharing of the story of the lass who changed her audio logo and things started to happe. Building on that and for the Irish market, I have tweaked her audio: I work with entrepreneurs to help them transition from recession to sustainable growth.

Thanks for sharing it really does help. Joseph

Mary Westheimer

Rethinking and long-term planning is exactly what we're doing right now at Kevin Caron Studio (Kevin is a sculptor who works in formed steel.

As the economy regains its equilibrium, we're using the time to work with a consultant who is helping us plan and implement a move into new markets and increasing price per sale. When the economy regains its feet (and it will), we will already be off and running.

Thanks for the confirmation of this direction and all of your great insights and advice.

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