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July 06, 2010


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Penelope Parker

I had a well respected marketing chap come and see me almost crying into his Blackberry, that the bottom had dropped out of his market.
I looked at his site. Old News. His course details were out of date; no wonder he didn't have anyone on them. His blog hadn't been touched for months. His tweets had fallen off the perch. This article describes what happened to him exactly. I chivied him along got him energised and in communication again. The next course is filling up and he is out on the circuit again.
I just hope that what goes around, comes around. I could do with a friendly boot-up too.


may have sent this twice sorry if I did. After clicking on the Silver Bullet link a screen opens to enter login and password to club. If you are not yet a member what do you do here? Is there another route to the credit card info?

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