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July 13, 2010


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Penelope Parker

I much prefer a printed document that I can work through in my time between other commitments. A video needs to be watched in real time, and in privacy, so it can be listened to and not bother others.

There is always the added viewer involvement that video brings, but it comes with added expense.

Some people prefer sound and action to reading, so I can see a very strong argument for both. Also, now that video is used by Google in organic rankings it is not something to be dismissed without trial.

Test and see. Does the extra cost and time in creating a video result in that much extra traffic and conversions?

Maybe I am of the paper generation but I prefer paper to take into the garden to read as a break between desk work time.

Robert Middleton

Susan, most Independent Professionals give nothing away and have no way to sign up for anything on their web site. A good report in pdf form with a good title is still a good pull.

Remember, I am not teaching Internet Marketing, but using the Internet to marketing professional service businesses. That doesn't mean a video wouldn't work. Of course it would if done well. but my Marketing Plan Workbook still pulls in a ton of subscribers.

Just because others are doing video, doesn't mean you need to. for one, it's 10 times more work.

Susan - New Niche Finder

I'm wondering if you agree. My sense is that a pdf report really falls short in today's internet environment. Seems to me that the free offer really needs to be quite substantial (think the 4 video launch, The Challenge). What's being given away in 2010 would have been a paid product in 2005.

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