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June 15, 2010


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Thanks for posting that Robert. Helpful resources.

As you know I help coaches create client-attracting websites and I recent worked with a client who did a Video Bio ( to get his message out ... it's pretty neat.

Thanks for your marketing tips, always clear and well written.


I don't get it - first thoughts were "does he think I can't read"! Your way makes it longer for me to get through the "report".
I think the video need you in there and bullet points - I don't mind if you read it from a prompter but either you read it or I read it, not both.
Also, I would prefer if it sounded more conversational with variation in voice tone - less obvious that you are reading it.
I can see benefits of video but this is not what I expect for video content.

Ian Brodie

I've done a combination of these and live videos (ie with you on them).

Live videos (in my view) work better to build a person to person connection. But it's difficult to do a long presentation with one - especially if you don't have an autocue!

I'd advise doing a video of you introducing the presentation and saying thanks at the end - maybe also doing the transitions between sections.

Then use your presentation video for the meat.


By the way - on a Mac you don't need to use either Camtasia or Screenflow to record a presentation - Keynote does it for you. Just use the Play->Record Slideshow option and it will record your voice doing the presentation as you advance the slides.


I've done a lot of these kinds of videos - from lectures my students missed to professional training at

on the Mac - use Screenflow - nothing better.
on either - get a good microphone. Nothing ruins one of these more than lousy audio. I use a $50 Logitech headset (highly recommend the headset approach...)

Online video has incredible potential... its growing more each day - highly recommend as a way of training and marketing.


Charles Dominick, SPSM

On your video page, I hear the audio, but there is just a black box with no visual material. Also, your headline says "gowing" instead of "growing."


Love the idea and can't wait to see it. I attempted to look at it on my iPhone ~ got a "can't open file" there... so, I ran over to my PC and got a "Download Quicktime" message. Unfortunately it is my work PC and I can't download any software on it...

Maybe it would be worth embedding it as YouTube video. I think that would guarantee viewability AND get you some more viral exposure as well...

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