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May 25, 2010


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Very good article - thanks.

It also occurs to me that you can go further and modify your product or proposition to directly address the most prevalent fears in your marketplace.

For example, a trainer could add post-training coaching after the initial assignment to ensure that skills are correctly developed and implemented in the workplace.

If people don't understand what you offer, then time to re-write the proposition so that your service is a solution to their specific problem - and detail expected results. Maybe even guarantee it!


Tanya Smith

Another great post there Robert!
It's so true what you said about too ,many of us being afraid of addressing prospect's fear, and hoping it can all be swept under the carpet!
However, as you've shown - used correctly - addressing those fears can be turned into a very powerful positive selling point.
Also if you can accurately pinpoint your prospects fears AND then cover it off in an authentic manner, your prospect is much more likely to think 'Hey, this guy really understands me!'

Thanks for the great reminder to include this in all my material :-)


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