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April 06, 2010


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I so resonate with this post and each and every comment that followed. I want to contact each and everyone of you to thank you and to continue the conversation!

I often say "the appropriate support can make all the difference" and this is another moment of just that. Thanks!

Lisa Claudia Briggs

I love when somebody has the guts to name all of the annoying feelings and states-of-being that we creatives go through in all this. The lack of results piece is of course so triggering- as in triggering into fear, doubt, and their niggling friends perfectionism and insecurity. It's hard not to take the feelings as "evidence" of failure.

Great post- thanks as always.

In love and service,
Breaking The Spell of Overeating
The Energy of Weight Loss

Olga Guzman

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Jean Kurniati

Haha..good post, Robert. I totally resonate with it. Only excited when a) working on projects; and b) reaping rewards. Maybe I shall check out "The Dip" as well.

Joan Bell

OMG! Soul Mates abound. I am a brilliant coach and an Action diva but when it come to the DETAILS - YUK! Hate the details!

I am currently doing a course on Making Meaning and just creating meaning in the details is helping tremendously, don't love 'em yet, but there is hope.


Andrea Dale

Yes, waiting . .stinks. So, I often have a project on the backburner that I am slowly finishing and I work on that when I get antsy.

Or I go exercise until the sweat blurs my vision and *then* decide if I am being impatient, or if something needs to change.

I also track my results and review those results to help myself recognize that yes, I am doing what I need to be doing.

Robert Middleton

Just got the New Book by Seth Godin called "The Dip." Recommended reading for impatient people. The Dip is when it gets hard and you want to quit. But if you don't get past the dip you'll never be as successful as you want.

But I also recommend doing The Work. Do Byron Katie's process when you get impatient. Work on all your impatient beliefs and before long you'll turn a lot of them around and realize you actually feel patient. It's pretty amazing!

John Levy

I'm fine with "patience" for the things I've already done, but I'm much worse about the list of ideas I've had for actions yet to come. When the unfinished things list gets too long, I lose heart and sometimes go into stagnation -- the sense of looking at a wall of activity that I can't quite tackle.
That's why the Marketing Club is so valuable. I get newly inspired each time I hear a good idea, so then I charge off again at one of the parts of the Marketing puzzle.

Judy Murdoch

You hit on an issue that troubles me and troubles my clients. And goddammit I wish I had a better answer, now, this minute!

The issue is when do you say, this isn't working, try something else? 2 minutes after your announcement goes out? 2 hours? 2 days? 2 years? (OK the first and last were intentionally ridiculous).

I'm all for action but it can also be like the guy who plants seeds than every night digs up the seeds to see if they're growing and if they're not, plants them somewhere else.

Thoughts? Wisdom?

Judy Murdoch

Lyle T. Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach


Thee and I must have the same syndrome. I always 'blamed' it on being German ... but maybe that's not the cause. ;-)

I suspect it's cause we are IDEA people ... and ideas are a heck of lot easier to manifest than results. Which is probably why I'm a lousy gardener ... takes so bloomin' long for the seeds to turn into flowering plants.


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