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March 02, 2010


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Hi Robert, this is certainly a great post. Writing a book as a whole idea just feels 'big'.

300 pages of content. Can I write something that much, up to 300 pages? And still relevant to what I initially focused on? How far all-over am I allowed to be?

Also as you said, let say I'd overcome everything, and finally got the book done. Now what?

Look forward to the interview.

Andrea Susan Glass

Robert, this is a great post. I love the 4 steps. I'd never looked at writing a book that way, but as a ghostwriter and copyeditor I do provide a system, training, coaching, and act as a team member. Only problem is I spend most of my time writing books and ebooks for others and not myself. I find my biggest challenge is time and discipline. And ultimately, as you mention, motivation. If I connect deeply with why I want to write a book, then I WILL find the time and create the discipline to write it! Also, is the fear that it won't sell. All the questions you pose are very common to would-be authors! I'm excited to hear John's interview since he presents the whole package--write it, publish it, sell it! Thanks for this wake up call!

Andrea Susan Glass

Christine Sotmary

I did write my book and even though I wasn't
"lucky" in terms of sales it has allowed me to walk through many wide open doors. It also let me discover my passion and focus my activities. Joseph Campbell was all makes sense when we look back over our lives.

Suzan St Maur

Something you may like to have as an extra "pair of hands" in the book writing process is my own new book, "How To Write Winning Non-fiction."

Although I don't use as formal a structure as you're talking about here (you'll find an excellent, formulaic structure in its companion book, "The Wealthy Author") I do believe that the key to completing a successful non-fiction book is careful planning.

My book shares my own experience of planning and writing more than 20 published non-fiction titles, plus of course choosing the best publishing methods and then marketing the books both at launch and onwards.

Both "How To Write Winning Non-fiction" and "The Wealthy Author" are available on all the Amazons, in print or Kindle versions.

With all good wishes and many thanks for your excellent "More Clients" newsletters which I have been enjoying for some years now!

Suzan St Maur

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