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March 16, 2010


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Andrew Wyka

Great information on the blog. I have a 100% all natural product that I am looking for health practitioners to help promote. I would like some help in this area. I want to lower the world's High Blood pressure 1 heartbeat at a time. I do need help in getting in touch with this community to help them with their customers and increasing their customers lives by removing some of the stress they may have with their bodies. Our target market in the US, UK and Australia. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions and or wants to help please let me know. I welcome all your valuable feedback.

Rachel Sheard

Many of my new clients find me on Google, and just using organic search listings, I don't use the adwords. From there, I just try to build up the client experience the very best I can. I admit, I don't always start that off on the right foot, if my kids are being noisy when a client calls to make an appointment, or my chronically-late self is struggling to get to my massage office before my client arrives... Once I'm in the door, however, the magic begins.
I make sure my clients understand I don't provide a cookie-cutter massage, unless that is what they want. I talk with them and find out exactly what they need for that session, how they want the time spread out. I've had many clients assume that I will just "do my thing," and I have to reiterate, it's not about ME doing MY thing--they are there for a reason and my job is to fulfill that need.
I also send a thank you letter, encouraging them to pass on the info I give them at their appt (intro letter with faq's, my brochure with spa services listed, massage facts brochure, and brochure specific to the bodywraps I do) bc referrals are greatly appreciated and rewarded, also encourage them to post a testimonial about their experience with me on online search sites, and offer a reward for that as well.
In addition, I *try* to send a birthday card with discount (or free upgrade, as I try to get the basic 60 minutes paid for, then increase the length of time from there to add value for them), and have a more in-depth system I call Follow Up or Fail, but unfortunately, I struggle with time management, and those things don't always take place like they should.

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