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February 22, 2010


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Alan - $100K Small Business Coach


There is one thing to focus on when running into someone like Trudeau, there are some really good things to learn from in right in the middle of the bad.

I think it was in your interview with John Scherer, 5 Questions That Change Everything, that made me look deeper than the surface. I think it was your description of Trump being one of the bad things, and at the same time had some real strengths. And that applies here to Trudeau.

No matter what anyone believes about his ethics, he's a darned good marketer. If what he says GRABS our ATTENTION as it does, then we need to learn why. His ethics has nothing to do with being a good marketer.

My wife is one of those who'll throw everything out when she finds one bad quirk from someone and won't listen to the good. But, I think it's important to pick through the bad to find the strengths.
He doesn't have to be ethical to learn what he's doing right and he grabs plenty of attention and followers.


Hi Robert,
Thanks for your another insightful and inspiring article.
I especially liked how you keep the focus on
"no such thing as a free ride".
Far too many people not only want a free ride, but want everything free, especially online.
And usually free comes with more strings, than if we just decide to pay the price upfront.

Continued success, always!
Yvonne Finn

B. Jayne Levy LUTCF

Robert. Good stuff. I often read your blog. My new year's resolution. Get the day going earlier, like around 6 am instead of 10 am. Plan your work and work your plan. These tried and true methods work when they are consistently applied. There is no short cut. I have a short term assignment as a permanent substitute in the local HS. I learned to get up with my alarm at 5:30 am. School starts at 7:10 am. No infomercials for me. I work my database of clients and prospects. I have an asst for the backup work and a back office team second to none. I run a tight office this year because I spent and lost alot of money in 2008 and 2009. Thanks for the updates. Jayne

Nik Beattie

LAST YEAR the plan was simply to make sure I do what I do best every day, and don't sweat the small stuff - and now this has paid off major dividends.

This year it is 'Bite off all I can chew - but end the year with a full mouth!'
So far so good. I have a set of goals that would be hard to hit individually, but believe I have the roadmap to pull it off.

Love the story too - people indeed are looking for the magic panacea!

Liz Guthridge

Especially enjoyed this post, Robert! It resonated with me on several levels, especially since I know both Kevin Trudeau and John Eggen.

I met Kevin Trudeau at a spa about 20 years ago when he was a memory expert, before all of his IRS problems. He was quiet, yet impressive. I never would have predicted what happened next! (And I've never bought any of his stuff.)

Three years ago I participated in John Eggen's program. I learned a lot, wrote a book and still talk weekly with my accountability partner.

Both Trudeau and Eggen are masters. They're also hard workers and they persevere! I've learned a lot from them but I'm not going to copy them.

Mickey Rosenberger

My Plan for Success this year is;
1. to continue working with my Mentor Coach, even beyond my graduation from my coach training,
2. participate in a weekly Master Mind group, which is an opportunity to work through and learn the FTM tools and information, as well as receiving support,
3. continue to check in on a daily basis with my coaching buddyf for support and inspiration
4. See where else I need support, and ask for it
Although we can have "ease" in accomplishing our goals when we are clear, we still have to continue to work. The difference for me is doing the work that is meaningful to me. Coach Mickey Rosenberger

Bill Graybill

Good reminder, Robert. I am a member of John's program and have found the system concept key. I am also head of a nonprofit that runs an after school program. We need to raise funds and have turned to a tried and tested system. This is key.
I need to include more systems in other areas of my life also. Thanks for the nudge.

Gary Slavin

Hi Robert,

Once again you hit the nail on the head. I'm always amazed that people like Trudeau are allowed to produce informercials. And, I love you're point about looking for that miracle. Similarly, some of my clients are always searching for that 'Golden Goose'.

There are many systems for success out there and John Eggen's is certainly one of them. But, as you mentioned, no system will work if you don't work it!

I have an easy-to-use four step process for planning that I use and train my clients to use and I always warn them that the process is simple, but takes hard work to make happen! All the planning in the world isn't going to make something happen if you don't implement it.

As always, a good and thought provoking ezine. Thanks for sharing and helping us all reach that next level of success!


Alan Boyer


Good article on Trudeau.

Here's something for everyone to learn about themselves when reading that kind of thing, especially your independent professionals.

It's to change your mindset about what you think about any any infomercial such as Trudeau's.

When the mindset is, That's all B.S. we frequently miss out on learning what Trudeau does best, he's an expert marketer, and the very thing that might feel a little questionable is his very strength. STOP, and learn from "the HOW" he does his commercials.

In fact, I keep a swipe file, a file folder of the best ads, commercials, websites, and I TRY not to let what I think of the guts of what they say interfere with my learning the tricks of a REALLY GREAT ad.

I hear some comments from attendees of my sales training programs who are so opposed to anything that looks like, sounds like, or smells like a "salesman" that they find it really hard to let down on their current mindset to "learn to sell" even with a technique that is so far from "pushy". Mindsets can "get in the way."

In any case, learn from the strengths of Trudeau's advertising, not necessarily pay attention to what he says.

$100K Coach

Craig Jennings

Good stuff.
There's one of me born every minute.
Thanks for the straight talk.
craig jennings

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