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February 01, 2010


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Joseph Geraghty

Hi Robert,
The thing I most like about you is your raw authenticity! Its refreshing. I liked you metaphor about not being patient. I would agree we are mostly happy when active as in creating something and yep we get pissed off when the results don't come in. However, I think that whenever we feel a sense of lack, it is a sign that the head and the heart are not synchronised! As someone who has witnessed a great deal of lack I can vouch with certaianty its not a great feeling. So what am I doing to move on? learn to listen with a more open heart, judge results as niether good nor bad but learn from every expereince and enjoy the process.

Patrick Dominguez

Hi Robert,

Thanks again for the excellent InfoGuru Summit - and really enjoyed seeing you and Lisa talk about your upcoming cruise in video. Way to just go for it.

Here's to more videos & stories!

All the best,

Samantha Hartley | Enlightened Marketing

Hi Robert,

The video testimonial I did for you in the Marriott lobby at the end of our Infoguru Summit weekend was my first video too! I didn't even have time to get nervous, because Bill just grabbed the camera and pointed it at me.

Bravo to you, Robert, for being such a generous, inspiring leader, modeling how to push beyond limiting beliefs; to the awesome Bill Baren for his Just Do It attitude; and much love to all the Infogurus for the supportive environment.



Joel Deceuster

Best most believeable video ever! Loved it. Joel

Bruce Elkin

Hey, Robert,
Great newsletter and blog posting. The video is wild. It's engaging, personable, and just plain fun. It pulls me in, makes me feel that you too have something valuable to offer, that you take seriously. But you don't take your selves too seriously. I like that. I'm gonna do a video for my blog. Thanks for the inspiration and great modelling!

Lisa Nirell

Hello Action Plan friends,

The Extreme Business Builders cruise takes us to some great destinations, and promises to be a first class event. Will you join us?

Remember, Robert is counting on you to be there to network; otherwise,he hates traveling...



Hi Robert,

I've been listening to your audio (as an owner of the InfoGuru Manual and sometimes as a member of the Fast Track Marketing Club) for years. Seeing the video was fabulously entertaining. It's great to put a face to the voice and to see something a little less scripted and a little more playful. Congratulations on getting out of a rut! (and I don't think you should assume that you are less photogenic than Lisa. You each have your own charm,and authenticity lends a great glow.)

Daphne Gray-Grant

Hi Robert,

Great job -- and very entertaining video! Telling stories is sooooooooo important! In fact, my newletter today (which was written well BEFORE our meeting last weekend) is about the subject of stories. Have a look at:

Yours from the land of stories --daphne

Aamer Iqbal

Hello Robert,

I have been a member of the Fast Track Marketing Club for three months, and was the proud owner of the Infoguru manual before that. The club has far more value and I have made significant headway in promoting my work since joining. Thank you for the value you provide.

Concerning videos, I think authenticity shows up in them. I have seen promotional videos and frankly there are some I won't look at a second time. On a plus side they show real human beings and all senses are involved in that communication.

Will there be a teleclass on what to do in a video and what to do with it?

Best wishes,

Charo Pinilla

Hi Robert
I'm a student of your Fast Track Marketing club and after listening to you for so many hours (that I really enjoy) putting a face to your voice is great :-)

You are such an inspiration to me. OK, I'll have to stop resisting video myself,now.
Lots of love

Nancy Juetten

Hi Robert,

Thanks so much for a fabulous Info Guru Summit and way to go about getting into action with Lisa Nirell about your upcoming cruise. Nice work! I'd anticipate a sell out crowd on that cruise.

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