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December 14, 2009


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cheap computer

I think these tools must be very helpful specially for marketing purposes and i think all marketing people should get this this will make their work easier. Thanks for sharing this software.

Nancy Juetten

For solopreneurs who want to know if their press releases make the grade, I highly recommend

Just "cut and paste" your press release draft into this free tool, and you'll get a report that shows how well your release scores on a scale of 1 - 100. The report you receive even guides you to know how to make your press release better. The closer to 100 your score, the better your press release.

Try it and see how much better your press releases become with a little free online help.

cheap computer canada

if you hold a teleclass you want to know how many people went to the signup page compare to the actual signups.

cheap computers canada

Well those were some great tools, however about survey monkey....I'm not sure if they really pay you for all the efforts after all ?

Tracy Anne George

Thank you so much for the applications and the online tools...I just loved "tinyurl". Addition to your tools, I would like to include a free online tool "Billing Boss".

Billing Boss is a secured online invoicing tool that helps you sending your invoices on time to your customers. You can send unlimited invoices to unlimited customers instantly. It helps you to have transparent transactions. Creating and sending invoices through Billing Boss is absolutely free of cost.Visit for more details.


Thanks for the apps, especially Send Personally, love it. Also, we just decided on 1shoppingcart for my new site which will be done in Feb and am glad you like it too.


Alyson B. Stanfield

I often print off your newsletter, Robert, and like to remove the line breaks to save paper. I love this Remove Line Breaks free tool:


An online, sharable notepad. You just
go to the site, enter a title for your "Scrib" enter the text and click "Scrib it" and it will create a custom URL for you.

You then have the option to share your scrib on Twitter, Facebook
or via email. Or you can just take your URL and share it any way you want.

Dory Willer

When I need to share large files with a client, this is the web tool I use: and of course, for audio recording a virtual meeting/conference call, there's still my long time favorite which is free -

Dory Willer, PCC, SPHR
Your best success tool - a Coach!
2003 International Coach of the Year

Jim Eaton

I just made this my we browser's home page:

Before it was the NY Times... now I'm constantly reminded what I want to get done and not tempted to read the news.

Michel Hudson, CFRE

Whenever I've wanted to convert files without the need to download software, I've used Zamzar.

Zamzar helps transform songs, videos, images and documents into different formats. They have split their file formats into these categories - Document formats, Image formats, Music formats, Video formats, Compressed formats, and CAD formats.

"Anonymous" access gets your files sent to you by e-mail without having to register. You can also signup for additional online management options through Free, Basic, Pro, and Business subscriptions.

June Van Klaveren

MozyHomeRemoteBackup has saved me several times. It's set to automatically back up all changed files each night. . .Very inexpensive and vital to my business

Ian Brodie


I'm a Mac person too now, but when I was using a PC I used an add on for Outlook called "Send Personally" which does something similar to Email merge. You send an email to a distribution list and it sends to each person individually and can replace tokens like %NAME% with their actual name. it works via Outlook's address book so doesn't need any work to format lists.


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