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November 16, 2009


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Thanks for sharing John's story with us Robert. It certainly touched my heart, and inspired me to start helping others in a more strategic way (without being driven by my own self-serving needs).

Robert, it would be great to read more of these type of inspiring stories on a regular basis (making your already fantastic e-zine even better!).


Thank you, Robert, for the gift of your email newsletter. The example of John being of service to the young people of his community is inspiring and has stimulated an idea on how a food co-op I belong to can make a contribution to the community. Your generosity in sharing your information and experiences and those of the people involved with APM programs is an example of how well what you share works in the world. Truly a blessing ~ thank you!

Aamer Iqbal

Very inspiring. I used to do a volunteer clinic in a deprived area of Lahore: I was seeing upto 40 patients during the course of a morning and it was a challenge to keep tests and medicines to a minimum. That developed my clinical and management skills. The biggest reward for me came when my toddler son survived a fall from the roof onto a concrete floor: he was in a coma for a couple of days, but recovered without any residual damage. My personal practice also swelled during those days so much that I was booked for two months at a stretch. When I left that work because of family responsibilities, well, my practice went down as well. I intend to begin a program teaching simple business skills to the underprivileged: I have a basic format in place and am looking for a team to help me with it.

Patricia Comolet

I found John's story very inspiring and it touched close to home as I have created and contribute often to many voluntary projects. I give workshops on Leadership and Communication in management for Action Against Hunger, I work with high school students to prepare them for and accompany them as they participate in the Model United Nations program, etc.
I must however be missing the needed ingredient which converts these contributions into business referrals. I would love to hear John (or anyone with goog ideas) expand on what exactly took him to the conversion point - from volunteering to paying business.

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