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November 02, 2009


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Secured Loans

Spot on. You need to give customers an experience that they will not forget. For the RIGHT reasons.

Lynn Belzer

I love the "delighting" concept. I do that by: making their coaching with me fun & upbeat, working to identify even their baby steps in forwarding their goals, giving clients my utmost attention, reminding them to "breathe", and helping them see the glass as half full rather than half empty. I think it works, in that their feedback has been great.

Yvonne Finn

Hello Robert,
Thanks for sharing and reminding us all to give more than we are being "paid" for, whether through employment or self-employment.

I delight my client by never making them feel like part of a nameless , faceless blob.
I hear people talking about clients and customers as if they are not unique individuals.
I work in the financial industry and NO two situation is every the same, none.
You must treat and convey this awareness to your client/customer.
Yvonne Finn

Ian Brodie

There's a ton of hard evidence on the importance of this too.'s recent survey aked buyers of professional services about their satisfaction with their current provider, and whether they were likely to switch.

The results showed that 70%+ of those clients who were satisfied (a 4 out of 5 score) would be open to switching supplier. But less than 50% of those who were delighted (a 5 out of 5 score) would.

As they put it in the research - satisfaction is binary: if you delight them they'll likely stay. Only satisfy them and they'll likely switch


Judy Murdoch

When I saw the word "delight" in the article title I was delighted and I love being delighted!

Couple thoughts your article inspired:

1. Describing the experience of delight is tricky. You tried and I know you're a good writer and even you didn't have words to describe the pleasure you got from the restaurant's food.

Unless you can write like Proust (or Julia Child), it's a good idea to use pictures and videos, etc to help people experience delight in more than one dimension.

2. "Delighting Customers" is not a marketing objective so much as a by-product. I know I begin with doing what delights me and makes my heart want to get up and dance. Usually if I'm delighted my clients will be as well.

Did I mention how much I love the idea of "delighting" clients?

Thanks for inspiring me this morning Robert!


Jeanne Hurlbert

This is awesome advice . . .We HAVE to set the bar high on delighting our customers, if we want our businesses to grow. And all too often, businesspeople don't have any idea of whether their customers really ARE delighted--they think if they get some positive comments on the blog, it's all OK. But you're likely to hear just from the ones who really love you or really hate you. We have to continually measure what they think with a survey system, so we can continually improve our performance--and increase their delight!

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