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November 23, 2009


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Kare Anderson

You are joining many other individuals and organizations, Robert who understand that in an uncertain yet increasingly connected economy (and world) SPECIFIC collaboration, centered on sweet spot of mutual benefit often enables us to accomplish greater things together than we can alone. We may co-create a stand-out product or service or campaign or helpful tips. We may cross-refer. We may help each other through differing slow times for business. We may enter each other's niche markets or reduce the number of steps to buy.... and more. As a longtime advocate of adept partnering and the creator of over 60 collaborations for clients I admire your focus on supporting your community in honing this skill. For specific methods and success stories see How We Partner and Moving From Me to We

Carol L. Skolnick,

I discovered the power and pleasure of collaboration in this past year. It was something I wanted to do for a long time with people in complementary fields. It's also been wonderful to collaborate with those who, in the past, I might have seen as competitors. In every case our two heads have been better than one; eeryone brings something different to the mix.

I look forward to more creative projects with all kinds of professionals in the coming year. My strengths include group process facilitation (inquiry-based stress reduction, The Work of Byron Katie) and improv skills for life and business. Any takers?

Sandra De Freitas

Hi Robert,

I'm so glad you brought up the importance of collaboration.

In 2010 I will continue to co-coach with my mastermind group every Friday and in person twice during the year. We have done this for years and it works fabulously. It's also a lot of fun!

I am also considering some local workshops and may work with other local coaches to facilitate it with me.

I also intend to pump up my affiliate marketing for those tools that I adore and love and know that my community would love them too.

Thanks for this wonderful post Robert!

Cheryl Sylvester

Robert, your so right. The synergies are the real value of collaboration - as you say one plus one can equal much more than two. In 2009, my brand coaching business, Your Brand Coach ( began collaborating with Mike Vermillion's digital production business, Far Hills Media. Together we've co-founded, a category-creating personal branding service for high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs to elevate their digital presence. Brand Personal is like having your own personal coach, branding expert, strategy consultant and digital PR agency working together as one team that is fully dedicated to your professional success. This is something that neither of us could have done on our own. It's the synergy that's made it possible. Here's to more collaboration in 2010!!

Kathy Mallary

I've been partnering with my friend and fellow coach, Michele Corey, for a couple of years now -- we meet via phone twice a month plus once a month in person, much like you and Patrick. We've helped each other through all kinds of stuff, both with our businesses and just life in general.

I'm curious about taking collaboration up a notch for 2010. Not sure yet what that looks like, but the though is energizing. Thanks for planting the seed!

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