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November 09, 2009


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Steve Laswell

I am committed to posting on my executive coaching blog every Monday.

A couple of years having made a similiar commitment, those 52 weekly writings will be published as a book in January.

As a result of my writing commitment:
my writing has improved, and
my writing has improved my coaching.

Thanks for the post!

Judy Murdoch

Writing a weekly ezine has been my key marketing activity. Used to be monthly, then bi-monthly. I finally hunkered down and committed to a weekly article.

I enjoy writing and explaining things and I'm a pretty good writer so this has been a great activity.

And I make my ezine articles do double duty by submitting them to article distribution services.

Pat Naughtin

Dear Robert,

I agree with you that success comes in large part through consistent marketing. You show that you are reliable by simply being there and being on time. My potential clients know that they will get a regular newsletter from me by writing and sending a newsletter that is sent on the tenth day of each month. All the back issues are available at the bottom of this page:

Since the Metrication matters newsletter began, I have been able to travel around the world twice as I have been invited to speak or to write for groups such as: the Australian Government, Canadian Metric Association, Google, NASA, NIST, U.S. Metric Association, and the UK Metric Association.

As the list has grown, with readers from all around the world, my name has become widely recognised as a metrication expert. For example, the U.S. Metric Association has recognised me as a 'Lifetime Certified Advanced Metrication Specialist (LCAMS)'.


Pat Naughtin
Geelong, Australia

Michael North

I post a message 3 times a week to my facebook group. It has slowly built people coming to me for individual consultations. In just six months, my personal consultations have doubled.

Anacaria Myrrha

Hello Robert,

I, too, write or email thank you notes, or thank someone in person, at least once a week. Included in these messages is an acknowledgement of that person's contribution, gifts and talents, and/or kindness.

We all want to be recognized for our positive traits and deeds, and I believe this practice supports and strengthens those qualities in each of us and encourages us to persevere.

It's a good investment all around.

Thank you, Robert, for all your years of wisdom and support!

John Paul Engel

Every week I volunteer at a local middle school in the poorest area in my town. I teach leadership and public speaking to the kids. When I began doing this a little over a year ago I had no idea it would totally transform my business, my marketing
and my life.

One day a 13 year old boy got up and gave a speech about how he wanted to be an engineer but he didn't know any engineers. I thought - that's a need - I can help him!

I gathered some questions from the boy, I asked a college student, and I came up with some questions. We asked the engineer and he was happy to help. When I gave the answers to the young man he loved them. He was that much closer to his dream. His teachers told me he was more focused in school and his home work had improved.

I thought - I know lots of successful people, why don't I do this for all these kids. So I went out and got advice from Phds from Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge - graduates of Tokyo University, Stanford, London School of Economics, University of Chicago - some of the smartest, most successful people in the world and I gave it to the kids.

The class was so inspired that I decided to turn it into a book and give it away for free. Everyday I give this book away for free to any student, parent, teacher anywhere in the world who wants it. All they have to do is download it from my website at

In a couple of weeks I will be giving away 2,000 copies of the book to area students.

You might be asking fine, John - its nice that you are doing such a good thing but how is it helping your business? My answer is in several ways....

1. Each book gets my name out there and makes people aware of my business
2. Because of the book I am getting high profile speaking engagements
3. A local TV station did a story profiling me as did the University of Chicago Booth School of Business alumni magazine
4. One of the contributers in the book referred me to an RFP worth tens of thousands of dollars
5. I am building a list of successful people and of people who downloaded the book

If you help someone everyday in whatever way you can you will super charge your marketing. A portion of every dollar I make in my business now I reinvest in Project Be The Change and this helps me help more students. It's a wonderful virtuous marketing cycle!

Brian Carson


What I do is nurture my relationship with my list.

I send at least 3-4 emails per week with 80% of those pure content or relationship building emails.

By that I mean, I let them know they're important to me, that I want to help them in any way I can, and I share a little about myself and my family. In addition, I gave them information they can use and profit from.

My pitches are only for my products and products from others that I believe in. I don't endorse just to make money, I have to believe the product or service will help my list.

I believe in transparency in my marketing and that has helped me foster a following where the people on my list know, like and trust me. It's a great feeling.

Take care and best of luck in your future endeavors,


Karen Hodges

I am consistently writing and posting to my blog and interacting on Facebook and LinkedIn each week in order to build my visibility and brand. I don't do any of these activities daily —but instead I have a schedule for myself of what I do when.

Libby Anderson

One note of appreciation every day is easy to do. I go beyond that and sometimes send notes "just because". It could be "thinking of you", "congratulations on your success", or "great article in the local business magazine". Whatever the purpose it makes people feel important and valued and sets you apart. Its all about relationships...


Your simple suggestion is worth more than a book on marketing.

I am well aware of the power of persistence and consistency. I am sure I am not unique in that. But very few of us can really do this "one thing" every single Monday (or whatever day) month after month and year after year.

I do not have a story to share with you but I did want to record my appreciation of your post.

Best wishes.

Josh Mark

I've been writing a daily uplifting email called Fresh Air For The Job Seeker. It's a way to keep the shadows at bay. I've been getting new subscribers everyday.

Thanks for the excellent information that you've been putting out.

Josh Mark

Sean Kane

Excellent reminder. The one thing I do each week is write notes/thank you cards to anyone who expressed interest in my illustration/graphic arts services, who hired me, or who helped me in some way during a given week.

It provides a chance to be reminded of my good fortune and relationships built and importantly allows an opportunity to say hello or thanks to my contacts. And it's easy enough to be done each week.

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