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October 12, 2009


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Alan Weiss

Tell me more about that Alan Weiss guy....

Andrew Pritchard

Thanks for sharing, Robert. And awesome work, Dave!!

Reducing price without reducing value in that situation is a rookie mistake. A carefully thought-through discount is fine in certain circumstances, but once you've actually named your price, that's it. If it needs to come down then so does the value. Caving in will absolutely destroy any credibility you may have had. And in many cases, the client *can* afford it, they just want to see if they can negotiate more favorable terms.

Charles Dominick, SPSM

One thing that I am interested in is everyone's perspective on the ORDER in which to present the three options as there are a few variations:

(1) Deluxe, then Standard, then Basic

(2) Basic, then Standard, then Deluxe

(3) Deluxe, then Basic, then Standard (as a happy medium)

In these times when the economy is pinching our prospects, I have been preferring the first option. It gives them the best solution, but then shows them what can be trimmed incrementally if budget limitations prevent them from investing.

Does anyone else have a preference for the order in which they present their "choice of yeses?"

Jim Blanchard

I had the same experience. Our client had wanted us to meet with each member of his team to discuss the program we were going to provide. When he asked us to operate within a specific budget, the difference was the fee for these individual meetings. We volunteered to provide the meetings as professional courtesy. Instead,he arranged a group meeting by phone which took a half hour and we are able to provide the rest of the project, the real meat, within his budget.
Lesson learned from that experience and your column: propose your program or project in pieces with specific value to the customer and you are defined. Be certain that your prospect understands the relative value to their program of each.

Thank you for your continuing excellent information.

Jiim Blanchard

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