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October 19, 2009


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My business partner and I are planning to update a program she created on public relations with social media marketing and offer it as a high-end program. She never had any success marketing it but never really pursued it. The first thing I did was buy the URL based on the name of the program and then built a website with a blog and forum built in. We are also looking at using a membership option for the highest end. We are going to be offering free seminars to CofCs, and people can go to the website to download the PPT for free simply by filling out a five question questionnaire that reviews our presentation. (We can use the reviews for marketing the program.) They also get a bonus ebook for their trouble. And they can get another free ebook if they sign up for our newsletter. We'll be offering four different levels of programs with a range of prices and put together an up-selling program for each. Whew!

Luiz Antonio

Hi, I liked very much your report about HE Services. I'm trying obtain info on how to concept the architecture of these programs. For instance, I knew that they started to be used in earlier 1990, but despite this fact there are no topics publicized in forums and so on. So would you like give me some directions where I can learn about? Thank you. Best regards. Luiz Antonio

ann lee

Thanks to your marketingball game, I've tried and tested the reaction of my clients when I suggest a strategy session... it really makes a difference to the whole selling approach, especially for our premium product.
Just first steps but the learning curve is advancing!

Bob Hodder

I echo the previous comments. I was in need of an approach and this is helpful. I've was going through our customers over the last 9 years for professional services for a get re-acquainted campaign. List is only 500 but the sales are 70% over $1,000 and from that I want to develop more like the 10% that are over $25,000. SO I need to create a campaign to move a number over from 70% column into the higher 10%. I am also looking at the "selling strategy sessions" recording to develop the materials for this. Just a low key email notice that we'd moved office location to the first 100 started a renewed dialogue with a dozen and 3 promised referrals. I think this was a timely subject. Thanks

Nina Lewis

It is so funny, I was planning to do exactly everything you said in your article. I am planning on doing an Internet Marketing Done For You Program for 2010. However, I am still trying to build a name for myself. And I am not too sure if offering a program with 10 people would be feasible. I am still trying to build credibility. But my intuition keeps telling me to create the program anyway. I even started to draft an application and a letter of agreement.

Aamer Iqbal

Just in time advice for me; thank you. I wonder if one can charge for the strategy session?! I am using this method to charge the best price I can get in a low income economy for my products while developing new ones!!

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