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September 07, 2009


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Nancy Francisco

Thanks Robert. Your message really hit home for me.

Even though more subsequent imperfection came your way then you would have wished for, I love how you so honestly share your own process in your own work. Through your honest writing, you make yourself very real, and making "mistakes" part of what it is to be living and breathing.

This makes your messages come alive, and awakens in me the notion that even though you are in a whole different place in the marketing process then I, your basic challenges are the same, and this perfection thing will never really go away sometime in the future, without my dismissing it now.

Your message also deflates the image that others are "better prepared" then I, and that waiting to start when I am ready, is nothing but my own inner resistance.

I got into action last week, and followed through creating an imperfect promotional gathering, with not enough or the right kind of people, trying to present too much material, and starting to invite people too late.

I felt deflated at the result for a few days, but doing it got me to plan much more clearly what I will now do the next time to make it more of what I want.

I am back into action, working on creating another one in a couple of weeks, with much more momentum and clarity then I would have had, had I canceled and just given up, and never acted at all.

Thanks Robert.


This was awesome! Love it!

Maria Pinochet

Thanks for reminding us that a “best” solution is perfectly capable of achieving the desired results. After all, even when we arrive at the highest degree of quality possible - the elusive perfect product – the judgment only stands till the next time you evaluate your work or get customer feedback or consider a different point of view. …or… you get the idea!

Exquisitely timed! I once just sent out a bunch of e-mails to friends and various other contacts re: coaching--sans website and all of the things you need to be "perfect" in marketing--and I've gotten ongoing coaching clients that way. Thanks for the reminder--

Gloria Rand

I still get nervous giving my 30-second elevator pitch, and sometimes stumble to get my words out - yet I'm still able to get my point across, and people still hire me!


Action virtually always beats waiting until the absolutely perfect plan or action is devised. Until someone actually tries out a new idea, there is no way of knowing if or how well it will work.

Robert, your blog post is great advise for all of us perfectionists who too often delay that "getting started" action,

Mary Jane

Thanks. It's definitely time to "just do it."

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