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September 21, 2009


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Anders Online Marketing

I am working with marketing in Denmark and is searching for inspiration in the digital world.

Thanks for inspiration.

Secured Loans

Your grib (for me) explains things better than your text. More visual.

Kristin Abele


I wanted to congratulate you on the selection of your post "Building Trust with Marketing Strategies" in this month's Carnival of Trust, hosted by Scot Herrick.

The Carnival of Trust is held monthly and highlights the top blog posts touching on the subject of trust in business, politics and society. We think you have tapped into a very real concept here and think it helped to make this month's Carnival great.

Kristin Abele

Mark Slatin

Thanks for expanding on our "expert interview" conversation and for giving me props. The message of trust building can NOT be overstated.

Food for thought: the trust equation includes a denominator of self-orientation - how the client perceives us, either other-focused or self-focused; there's an inverse correlation to trustworthiness-the more they think our motives are self-serving, the less they trust us.

When we attach to our agenda, when we dominate the talking, when we move to quickly to solution - we come across with a high self-orientation.

According to the trust equation's author, Charles H. Green, self-orientation is the most powerful of the four components (the others are credibility, reliability, and intimacy).

Maria Pinochet

In answer to your question, I am working on “credibility”. I am just beginning to learn about the technology that I can use to produce podcasts and YouTube materials and other multi-media materials.
Thanks for asking and developing such easy-to-use tools.


Like the structure. I would like to add one more thought: Inimitability? (:-))

But being unique and standing for something is a way of stating a belief. If people understand what you believei in and if they see that you believe in something, I think it helps build trust.

It is harder to trust someone who is simply part of the flock. (More than visibility - but being unique.)

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