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August 31, 2009


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Angel Heath

It is so interesting that this would be the topic of discussion - a friend and colleague of mine introduced you and your site to me by sending me one of your older podcasts. After listening to it, I contacted her and told her that we need to team up and become "buddies" in growing our businesses. She agreed and then this email comes! WOW - you are reading our minds! Thanks Robert for all of your help!

Aamer Iqbal

One of the best by you, Robert. I have been stuck in neutral doing my day "job" that pays the bills and following my heart has been on idle, with me doing busy work about it. Is there someone out there who will just ask me once a week about what progress I made that I promised myself I'll do?

Warmest wishes,

Aamer Iqbal

Craig Badings

Robert, your article today reminds me that it was a similar article you penned about two years ago that prompted me to sit down and write a book. That book is now published, it's called Brand Stand: seven steps to thought leadership and I would love to send you a copy. Let me know the best address I can send it to and I will post you a copy.

All the best and keep up the great work.
Craig Badings

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