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August 17, 2009


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Nancy Francisco

Thank you for this post, Robert.

Years ago, I was able to market a business I developed without much at all holding me back.

I got in touch with that place in me this week, when I had to call to compare radiology costs, now that my health insurance changed, and I have a huge deductible. I was able to find a business that saved me hundreds of dollars. I wasn't marketing myself, but I was able to persist, insist, communicate well, so that I found what I really needed, and it felt very similar to my marketing experience in the past.

I appreciate this post, and will really honor what you have said about mindset. There is a great deal of wisdom in your words.

I think that I have a fear of being rejected, making a mistake. I have let mistakes stop me in the past.

I think that I can be a powerful marketer. I just need to change my mindset, and get out of my own way, and not be afraid to "make mistakes". To learn from them and keep going. Not let that stop me.

Kimmo Linkama

I think the most important thing that holds people back is Fear - "I'll be rejected, I'll do it wrong, I'll be ridiculed."

I used to suffer from that. Now, however, I have persuaded myself that I DO have something valuable to share, I DO have the right to present my views, and NEVER MIND if someone ridicules me for it.

I don't say anything I can't stand for 100 per cent. So what is there to be afraid of?

Besides, if someone chides you for what you say -- hey, that's the beginning of a conversation! You can defend your point, and if you're good at selling, turn the tables in your favor. And it's always possible to change your views or opinion if proven wrong.

Kate Phillips

Fantastic post, Robert! You hit the nail on the head - transformation happens in your mind and heart, and then everything around you changes.

When coaching clients tell me they can't move forward in their lives or business because 1) they can't afford something 2) they don't have time 3) they don't have the technology or know-how 4) etc etc! and they try to use those excuses repeatedly, I know that the real problem is mindset. When we shift that, the excuses vanish.

When there is a lack of alignment under the surface "change" looks like tearing the apples off the tree and stapling on oranges. (It doesn't last very long.) Transformation looks like planting a new tree.

Andrew Pritchard


Nice article. As usual you have some good stuff to say.

But for the love of God, please please please stop using the phrase "paradigm shift". It's weak, meaningless, consultant-speak and there are better ways to get your point across than with wishy-washy cliches. It also ranks near the top of many people's lists of disliked business terms... including mine, in case you couldn't tell! :)

Sorry to rant, but the phrase has popped up a few times in your ezine over the summer and it's like fingernails on a chalk board for me!

Marcie Lovett

Great post! Fear - perfectionism - scarcity - overwhelm - impatience... the very same midsets I see in clients who want to pursue organizing their lives. I always say, "You've got to start somewhere." Just like marketing; even if you don't feel like it, you've got to start somewhere to get the momentum going.

I will think of your encouraging words as I work on moving my marketing efforts from "dreaded activity" to "exciting adventure" every day.

Michael North

you know, finally I am in the state where I have something that is transformation. It helps define what is a message about what you do as opposed to what is a message about what the client gets. It defines those experiences. We think it is very powerful stuff. I think that is key, does what you do really totally pivot them or is it marginally interesting advice?

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