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June 29, 2009


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Michael Jackson may not have been a hero of yours because you chose to read all the "hype" and nonsense surrounding his life and death. For me, he is a hero. He was out there at a time when he should have being having a childhood, blazing a trail for people of colour going where people of colour were not seen. This was long before anyone even knew who Oprah was. He has given millions to childrens charities all over the World and fought hard in places high and low for those who are sick and in need. I know you don't know much about this because that is not what the press and media choose to print. Judge a man when you have ALL the facts. And as the man himself said "If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change". Long may his spirit reign.

Donna Payne

Thanks for the post Robert. I'm reading a really good book titled "The Fred Factor", by Mark Sanborn.

Your friend was a "Fred" too. Someone to really be admired.

Bonnie L Smith

I agree that ordinary people make extradinary hero's. My mom Mary Elizabeth Jackson Barrow was the greatest hero I have ever known. She touched the lives of many people. She always had an encouraging word and loved with all of her heart. Her love and kindness carried on everywhere she went. Her willness to help other's enabled her light to shine forth. The example she left behind continues on. In my opinion, hero's are those who never focus on themselve's, but the welfare of other's. Jesus, was and still is the greatest example of a hero.

Stephanie Zonars

Throughout my life, I can't say that I've ever had any heroes other than my parents. I've certainly admired and respected many people, but didn't consider them heroes. Recently that changed when Coach Kay Yow, the former women's basketball coach at NC State, became a hero to me. Coach Yow had all the accolades...over 700 wins, Olympic gold medal, Naismith Hall of Fame...and while those contributed to her legacy, they did not define it.

Her strongest legacy was left in the thousands of hearts that she impacted through the positive attitude, courage and perseverance she embodied both as a coach and and in her 22-year battle against cancer. Coach Yow often said, "When life kicks you, let it kick you forward." And she lived that way...consistently positive, undeniably humble and always seeking for ways to offer others hope and encouragement even in the midst of her own pain.

Coach Yow never married or had biological children of her own, but she mothered hundreds of young women, teaching them valuable principles that they continue to draw upon long after their playing days. Many of them tell of her influence in a new book called Leader of the Pack: The Legacy of Legendary Coach Kay Yow, due out this September.

Coach Yow lost her fight with cancer on January 24, 2009. Her number one priority was to honor Christ with her life. It was never about her, but always about how God wanted to use her to help others. At her memorial service (attended by 1,400 people and on live tv in Raleigh) it was clear that she accomplished her mission. Her imprint upon women's basketball, the state of North Carolina and many, many hearts lives on!

Ana Scherer

Thanks for your timely article.
My heroes are ordinary people as well. Like the woman who helped my grandmother raise all her 8 children and is still helping others in spite of being almost 90 years old. I respect the man who helped me find my key today at the gym in spite of me being less than patient with him and with others. I admire the friend who is making us feel so at home in our new city - Hong Kong. He took a day off his work to show us around and make sure we know more about the history of our new hometown. And I could go on and on, because there are many people in this world who are being extraordinary and most of us are not recognizing it. A lot of us are still eating up with two spoons the latest gossip about some celebraty who just got divorced, or checked in to a rehab center, or who got her face lifted.
I aspire to be like nobody else but the best I can be. There is something only each one of us can do that no one else can. I aspire to be the best I can be for me and for others. To put purpose ahead of my comfort and to make a difference in the lives of every single person I come across.
With energy,
Ana Scherer

Leon Theron

Thank for a great article, which brings some sanity to the current idol-worship. I think that it important that we give serious consideration to our heroes, living or dead. My living heroes currently are Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama. However, living heroes are subject to change and therefore a also revere Gandhi. However, when looking for a real hero, there is no greater than Jesus Christ

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