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June 01, 2009


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Gail Sussman-Miller

Robert, you have certainly stimulated some thoughts that ate new and new product ideas AND you confirmed some things I've been thinking about.

I don't currently have many information products but have thought about recording a ton (20-30) 5-15 minute audio recordings on high-level summaries of the marketing techniques I teach women solopreneurs and ways to shift their limiting beliefs (sound familiar? :) to create a library. I heard Seth Godin talk about the portability of knowledge for the new learners. You have really gotten my ideas flowing.

Thanks for the great way you model what you teach and let us look over your shoulder. It's fantastic and of course a huge value and very generous. Thanks!

Gail Sussman Miller

Larry Wenger

Thanks for your article Robert. It's interesting though that in terms of the two paradigm shifts in your own business, one was reformatted into a high end product (Mastery Program) and the other packaged as a low end product...lots of stuff bundled into one low monthly fee (APMC). So I assume you would agree that it's not a mistake to adapt to the current economic climate by figuring out a way to sell information less expensively.

Allan Ward

Great article Robert,

This has made me think about the services I offer and how I could re-package them and possibly add some additional services.

It's interesting to read about your experience. I think you mentioned some time ago how you'd come back from the System Seminar with some new ideas - it's great to see how they worked out for you.

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