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June 16, 2009


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ntathu allen

Powerful words. We all make a difference, somwtimes just smiling at someone in the lift
Makes their day, when wew consciously align ourselves with our inner
Knowing, that contribution is so much more powerful. Thanks for the reminder.

pam bell


It is rare that one integrates consciousness and spiritual principals with business practices. This article is a perfect example of how this can be done. Thank you! We can all practice this same intention in everything we do but clearly there has been a line drawn between what we do for "pay" (our work) and what we do on Sunday's (to connect with our divine nature). It's simple really, the more we help others, the more we all benefit.

Giving to others is so rewarding, it's a wonder we all don't just chuck our careers and become professional volunteers!
Though I know by having the intention to "contribute to others" in our work, we can still greatly benefit humanity. Plus, we begin to feel such a deeper sense of purpose with the way we are spending our time, otherwise you're right, who cares about acquiring yet one more trinket sports car? :-) Ok.....well maybe that!

Stacey Morris

I completely agree with this notion Robert. I know I do better work as part of a team because I feel that I'm contributing to a bigger picture.

But working on my own has always been a struggle because no one relies on me.

Three solutions I've thought of are to partner more with colleagues, volunteer my copywriting services to causes I feel strongly about, and do more free strategy sessions.

But the last two don't pay the bills. And I get frustrated with all the bigwigs that talk about contribution once they've made it.

Any ideas on how to contribute and still pay the rent? Or is it just a matter of mindset?


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