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June 08, 2009


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there are no silver bullets

Allan Ward

Great article Robert,

I read it last week, but I've been applying it over the past 7 days. I've used the principles here to force me to get a couple of projects completed.

Thanks for the ideas.

Lisa Giesler

Wow!!! that was great and important!! I just finished listening to the tele from John Eggen and today I am writing my forth coming book on How to begin - making money and making time by being organized.
Lisa Giesler

Geoff Phelps

All of your columns are terrific, but this one really struck a cord with me. It's all about being held accountable. Not only does this hold the potential to change one's business, but how about the world? A simple yet powerful concept practiced all too infrequently. Thank you!

Kenny Wagner

Great post!

It reminded me of another article I read that suggested that you keep promises you make to yourself as if you made the promise to someone else.

It was saying that folks are more likely to keep a promise made to others than they do for themselves. Why do people do that? Be on time; do a certain something or whatever for others but not them self?

I never realized I was more willing to do something if I was doing the task for another than myself.

It's one of the challenging things when working for yourself. That's why a coach is invaluable.

Again great article.

In addition to making sure I don't break promises to myself I will be going through my "to do's" and betting my car AND my laptop.

Doug Saylor

Robert, I believe this is right up there with the best articles you have ever written! I'm not as excited about passing this along to others as I am in using it *myself*.

Caroline Hogarth

Thank you so much for this idea! Marketing is all about "compelling messages" but selling to oneself is sometimes the toughest job. This is straight to the point and a lot more powerful than "Oh I'll have a cup of tea when I've finished a paragraph". I think I could use this with a few clients who are struggling to get copy written for their websites too...

Kimmo Linkama

You're right, of course. Procrastination must be the biggest obstacle to achieving results.

In the Finnish language, there is a saying "The best is the worst enemy of good". Or, as I recently read someone saying: It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be done.

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