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June 22, 2009


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Heather Robinson

I love systems, Robert.

I use them daily in my online business management business and at home. I've even gotten my children into it. The majority of my business systems are automated, like filtering my email into folders, and the use of autoresponders for basic inquiries, but they all started out as a checklist.

I've found that the best way to obtain consistent and predictable results is to use a system. I even have a system in place to review my existing systems.


Heathyr Nance

Great article on systems! We use systems for everything (probably why we are the systems people!). A great system to have is for your everyday calendar - we block out specific times each week for appointments and try not to waver. We have specific time slots every week to work on marketing, blogging, sales, etc.

Great ideas on sytemizing your email Robert. Thanks for the information!

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