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April 06, 2009


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Thanks Robert for sharing this insights.
Something important is missing however.
We change mindset ONLY when it becomes PAINFUL, painful enough to trigger discomfort to look for sources of heal.
The second way the mindset change is we accidentally make a move that result in SUCH A BIG pleasure or REWARD, that we remember the move script and from this MOMENT we conscientiously replace the old mindset with the new script.

Milli Thornton

I just finished writing my first screenplay and now I have "fear of pitching" (writers are expected to pitch their screenplays to potential buyers in 60 seconds or less).

Reading your article about mindsets came at just the right moment, helping me realize there really is no logical reason why I need to perpetuate this situation of "no plan, poor organization and fear."

There are books and audios to help writers learn how to pitch, I'm already an organized person and I can take care of the fear by simply immersing myself in the process--becoming very familiar with the concepts--and then practice, practice, practice.

Thanks, Robert. Timely information, as always.

Jim Blanchard

Yesterday I was introduced to a great concept and discipline called Attractive Inquiry. Look on Google. It is a way to do what you are talking about with clients and in self awareness as well. It is not so much about changing mindsets as it is focusing on what is good and great.

Jim Blanchard

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