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April 19, 2009


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CK Wilde

Thanks, Robert, for showing that a marketing plan can be simple and quick to implement. It is so easy to be paralyzed by thinking a marketing plan needs to include a year's worth of action.

Judy Murdoch | Highly Contagious Marketing

Ditto everything Winnie said.

And, from my own experience, it's really important to tweak so the process fits your own biz and audience.

There's often some messiness at the beginning. If you don't get an amazing result right away, try and experiment until you hit on something that works.

Recipes are wonderful AND they're meant to be acted on if you want something delicious to eat!

Robert, thanks for your generosity sharing your process. And for the inspiration to take action and apply it to my own business.

Winnie Anderson

Thanks so much for this detailed information. So many other gurus just tell you what to do but don't tell you the how. Or they don't seem to cover it in specific detail. This is not only great, useful information told in the right order (it's a great recipe!), it's an example of why I'm a reader, a purchaser, and now a member of your marketing club. Great content, explained clearly, that will have a payoff when applied.

Thanks very much for the information and your committment to helping people.
Winnie Anderson

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