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March 30, 2009


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Purchasing Certification Channel

The economy no doubt is having a negative impact on many (most? all?) industries. But, as Robert suggests, you shouldn't stop trying and just blame the economy. That's too convenient of an excuse.

Yes, industries are shrinking. But, your market share can grow, enabling you to maintain or even increase your revenues and profits during a recession. If you work hard and smart while your competitors focus on how many staff can be cut, you can create some real opportunities for yourself.

But you have to create them...not wait for them to show up at your door with a signed check.

Robert Middleton

Hi Tamara,

Thanks so much for validating that this simple action really works to build your business. If you have a plan, get organized and stay fearless it becomes obvious what you should do. Keep at it and you will be unstoppable.



Tamara Meyer

I am an Action Plan Marketing Club member and have been studying Robert's material for almost a year. I was guilty of not following up after networking events out of a fear of rejection, or not wanting to seem pushy.

I have changed my ways and am doing exactly what Robert recommends. I just attended a chamber mixer last week. While I talked to many people, there were 3 that I made a definite connection with.

I used Robert's formula of having an article or something to offer them. It makes the next contact so much easier.

The next day I followed up with emails and sent notes. I have an appointment for coffee with one later this week.

Plus, it was not hard at all to follow up with 3 people.

What I didn't realize is that following up makes me feel proactive in my business and even more excited to share my message. While it is not the most natural thing for me, when I follow the formula, it is so much better than not doing anything at all.

In the last year I can only think of 1 person who has proactively followed up with me after meeting me at a networking event. Even though I have not worked with her, I will never forget her since she made the effort and made herself memorable.

Thanks for the timely message Robert!

Tamara Meyer
Organizing Consultant and Speaker
Meyer Professional Organizing, LLC

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