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March 23, 2009


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Again you have given me the guidance at the exact moment I needed it. I have not understood the push and pull effect so well before. In the past I think I would sort of push, and then give a huge pull. And of course the result was minimal. I have a new campaign I am trying and hopefully I can use a true combination of push and pull, with much better results than in the past

Yvonne Finn

Thank you for this validating and purposeful article.
I feel as if it was speaking directly to me.
As a new buisness owner, I have heard so many of the cliched catch phrases about marketing and promoting my services, however, I found that something was missing in serving my clients.

I was trying to adopt other peoples methods.
My way is to develop a relationship with my client and truly find out if they have a need for my service.
This takes time, but I feel better about the transaction.

So, I guess I am more of a counsellor than a sales person, that is my purpose and I truly enjoy that role.

Thanks again!
Yvonne Finn

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