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March 02, 2009


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I agree with this article. I'm networking more, innovating new products for my consulting practice, adopting new technology, exercising more, reaching out to friends and colleagues, and not watching TV news or listening to news as I drive around in my car. Like Jack, I focus on "this too shall pass." I also use the serenity prayer to focus on what I can change and not worry about what I can't.

Lisa Claudia Briggs, LICSW

Hi all-

I agree with your points and perspective about resignation. I would also like to add something- it's easy to feel depleted and somewhat powerless in these times. It's not necessarily pathological.
For my own "symptoms" of resignation or sense of overwhelm, I know that I need to get outside of my thinking and into a way of truly refreshing my body and soul. For me, that includes time in nature, any sort of physical activity (we are all so cerebral and analytical, it's essential to switch gears and also make time for the physical and the sensual!), time with friends, any sort of goofing off. I work with women with eating issues and I believe that any signs of imbalance whether it's the resignation or some form of addiction, we have to look around a bit for where we are out of whack. If you are indoors on your computer too much, you may feel drained and more vulnerable to this sense of resignation and such. Changing our perspective, literally, by going outdoors, changing up our schedule to include something different goes a long way towards rebalancing our energies and outlook.
I hope this helps.
Love and every blessing-

ellen honigstock

Thanks. I'm hanging this in front of my computer tomorrow.

Anne K.

I appreciate the view on resignation because it's pervasive and what the media and politicians want. But, I won't go.

However, the element that makes resignation most feasible is regressive taxation for productivity.

That's where I'm stuck. If high wage-earners weren't being threatened with punitive taxes for their efforts, I'd be tackling this economy like crazy. But, it's been made patently clear that succeeding will be met with punishment.

I can get around all the other mental trash if I know that I can keep what I make. And, pay fair taxes. I'm not in it for the money alone but it's complete BS to just let the government spend like fools and expect me to pick up the tab

Clare Evans

A very timely post and one that I read as soon as I saw it in my inbox. I was preparing to batten down the hatches as the 'credit crunch' took hold - however, I've found people are even more focused on making the best use of their time and I'm looking at the positive side of things and the opportunities that are still there.

If we stick with the old ways that worked a few years ago, we may find they're not working as well today. Businesses need to be leaner and flexible. I'm learning new marketing strategies and focusing on the one's that will work best for me and my business.

Not everyone has a story of dropping sales and business failures. Many of the smaller business I've been working with are either doing OK or surprisingly (contrary to media stories) doing better than last year.



This post couldn't have come at a better time. My company,which has been doinggreat for the last 5 years is now struggling. Our revnues are down 75%, and I have a deadline of June 30 to sink or swim. I have redoubled my marketing efforts, albeit on a shoe string. Thanks for the encouragement just when I needed it the most.


This post came at a great time. My business has been doing great for 5 years, until this October. Revenues have fallen 75% and I have a deadline of June 30 to sink or swim. I have redoubled my marketing efforts, which I am doing on a shoe string. Thanks for the encouragement at a time when I really needed it.

Ioan Nicut - Be Inspired and Achieve What You Want!

I believe that conquering resignation is a question of choice...

Choice of what?

Perspectives... Perspectives of what?

Evolving for instance.

How can you evolve from the I give up perspective?
How about the I persevere perspective?
What if I look with the "I can do it" glasses?
What if I accept who I am now, and move on?

Carol L. Skolnick, Clear Life Solutions

We can't believe what we don't believe. We can't stop believing what we believe. The process Robert is proposing, based on The Work of Byron Katie, isn't about making ourselves believe the opposite of what we believe; it's about seeing if the stress-inducing beliefs we hold are really true. The key words, as Robert ststes, are "Could these (new, positive) beliefs be as true or truer as your original (stressful) beliefs?"

If we could simly replace a negative belief with a positive one and presto, instant prosperity and peace, we'd all do that. We don't all do that because it doesn't work! However, clinging to negative beliefs may indeed create self-fulfilling prophecy because it's like wearing blinders; you can only see a small piece of what's available to you on the periphery, in back of you, above you.

When you question what you believe, you don't create abundance. Abundance is "what is," and you notice it; you become aware of what I call a "parallel universe of peace," which is always within reach. You recognize that you have more options available to you than you can imagine. Once you see that what you've been believing about your business, the economy, your abilities, etc. may not be the whole truth, you can market your products and services without fear of failing, without seeing it as a waste of time even if you don't get exactly what you want; in short, without stressful motives or unrealistic expectations.

It certainly can't hurt to revisit your strategies and make more of an effort; especially if, in doing so, you know you're doing your best and that no effort is wasted. Then, whatever you receive - even if it's a "failure" that points you in a different, more "successful" direction - you receive it with gratitude. You begin to see yourself as a success - not "visualize" it, really see it - and because it comes from an authentic place, it's very, very attractive.

David Ryan

I recently wrote on my blog an article for these challenging times titled, "Marketing Tip: Keep Thinking FUN!"

A timeless core value I learned from Robert.

Michael North

I am reminded of an old cartoon in some ways, where two buzzrds are on the fence and one says to the other..I am tire dof this, let's kill something. I am changing to Let's add value to others and getting out more...

Jill Sheldon

I try to remember that I don't want to contribute to the zeitgeist of fear and scarcity - I want to be a beacon of hope and have lots of other beacons to turn to. Thanks Robert for being a beacon!

On the business side, I find myself listening more carefully to what my clients say they really need right now, and thinking about how I can offer more of that. There's something about the economic crisis that has people living more in tune with their values, and I find that this can be a great opportunity for "coaching conversations."

Jack Morgan

I also have been through many ups and downs. I have found that the saying "this to shall pass" applies to both. I also have found that people everywhere are searching for help. Each time I have been throught one of these my business has increased. The reason it has is because I subscribe to Robert's philosophy of where can I contribute. When I focus on that my business takes off in a positive way. I hope this helps someone to cope.

Judy Murdoch | Highly Contagious Marketing

Last night my husband and I were watching Fox news and it was just brutal. The lead story was about a programmer who had been making six figures and now couldn't get a job at his friend's restaurant. He wondered out loud whether he and his family would have to go to a shelter.

This story struck me as incredibly extreme not to mention lacking in much information. We have no idea how this guy really got in this position but it strikes at a really core place.

My husband was close to tears and turned off the news.

So the media isn't helping.

My husband thinks I'm in denial because I'm not in tears and I'm looking for good news in all this.

I'm not. Like Lyle I got through at least two nasty recessions. And I read What Color's Your Parachute when I was just out of college. Once you read that book and take it to heart you can always find a good job. Always. It may take time and lots of work but it can be done.

Because people and businesses always have problems and they will always be willing to pay someone to help them solve those problems.

Taking that point of view, we're living in a time of extraordinary opportunity.

As Franklin Roosevelt said during a far worse time, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Carna (Magical EFT)

People are now forced to think about value. What is of real value to them? That is where we come in, and each of us will answer that question in his/her own way.

Lyle T. Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach

I've 'survived' several recessions.

Yes, there ARE problems ... but focusing on the problems only magnifies them.

Positive thinking doesn't cut it, either.

Focusing on what we CAN do and DOING it will get us through.

Stepping down from my Soapbox, Lyle


My partner asked me this morning why can't we just all believe... and agree to turn thing around. I had to think hard before answering that - and still don't know if it made sense.
Maybe we could?

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