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February 23, 2009


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I think writing an article is a great way to give more information to those interested. However what if you have more than one or have several things you want to share? There is a site that I recently discovered where you can load all your, articles, work experience, projects etc and then give the address to the information seeker. I have found it very helpful.

Lisa Claudia Briggs, LICSW

Hi Robert! I'm somebody who loves writing articles, I get ideas from everything and have to sometimes keep myself from seeing everything as a potential article topic.
It's funny- have never written the "top mistakes" kind of article, not sure why but after reading today's ezine I got inspired. So thanks as always for the fresh inspiration and good grounded advice. You're always a solid voice of sanity for me, a reluctant marketer.
peace and blessings to all-

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