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February 04, 2009


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Erin Ferree

This is a great evaluation for a website - and would serve as a fabulous checklist for any small business designing their first site. Kudos!

Free Stuff Online

not everyone showcases your stuff correctly

Internet Marketing

This is perhaps a useful intro to an introduction on internet website (re-)evaluations. I would add several items to this list, including "navigation." The primary issue which negates most such howto's is that every audience may differ. What is satisfactory and even excellent for one audience may not do the trick for another. I would like to see this list expounded on, in great detail.

Barry Harrison

Get a twitter evaluation of your site:
Tell me, in 140 characters or less, why your site's worth looking at. I'll tell you, in 140 characters or less, if I agree with you.

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