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February 13, 2009


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Vicki Butler-Hagen

Outliers is definately a must read for me since, I woke up and logged on to facebook with you on top commenting about your backyard river. I had been dreaming of acting out a variety of outlandish schemes to escape my daily grind (New Radicals & 3 Laws of Performance)I am interested in reading A Whole New Mind and Buyology too!Thank you for sharing .......


I'll have to check these out. You might also get "Predictably Irrational". I think you'll like it.

Mark A. Coudray

Daniel Pink has amazing insight. He has correctly identified the key underlying drivers that will differentiate each of us from the things that can either replace us or outsource us. It's not longer good enough to be smart and educated, you need to understand how you relate to the your market, customers, environment and so forth. The more relevant we are, the better we will survive. Appropriate advice for someone so close to Google.

Mark A. Coudray

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