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February 17, 2009


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Brian Bartes


Thank you for the great post. I especially enjoyed Lori examples of abundance. Like much of life, its meaning lies not in the word itself, but rather in our interpretation of it (i.e., the meaning we attach to it).

Lori, in her subsequent comment, mentioned the dictionary definition of "plentiful." Here's another one-word definition--"enough." For me, the distinction comes through the lens of gratitude, as opposed to the lens of greed, or neediness, or lack.

~ Brian


Hi Robert,

Thanks so much for sharing my thoughts with your readers. Abundance is an important term for us to understand--I love the dictionary definition which refers to "plentiful." Imagine all of us having a plentiful mindset, one without fear of "not getting our share of the pie." And certainly not one focused on "greed." When we have a plentiful mindset, generosity out of a love for others, comes easily and effortlessly.

I find the more I record evidence of abundance, the more I realize I have--and the more I need to be thankful for. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Best wishes to you,
Lori Silverman

Judy Murdoch

Got to your article today, Robert so I missed the "brew ha ha" around the word "abundance."

"Abundance" is a perfectly nice word that has been so over-used, mis-used, and woo woo'd that perhaps we should simply put it on a lengthy vacation.

"Contribution" works just fine for me. Although I guess I always viewed it more as "win-win-win": the business owners wins, the customer wins, and the community wins. And profitability is a by-product of that triple win.

The whole financial mess is the result of a lot of people focused on just one or two elements coming out ahead (I think we can guess which one a lot of operators on Wall Street were focused on) but it's a three legged stool and it needs to be in balance.

Otherwise things get out of balance and we get a mess.

The triple win works well as a business model for me. I think it's a blast when everyone wins.

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