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January 19, 2009


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I really connect with the medatative focus to your marketing message today. I started my business to empower individuals to release sabotage patterns and emotional distress that hold them back from being more successful in their careers. I love being able to serve others authentically as their results feed my own job satisfaction. Thank you for speaking to my joy (and not a sense of pain!)

Jack Morgan

I don't know if he originated the statement:"Service is the only rent we pay for the space we occupy on Earth" but, it is something i heard the late Cavet Robert say on many occasions. For those of you that don't know of Cavet. He was the founder of the National Speakers Association. And the first great motivation speaker and coach.

Vanessa Deakin

What a beautiful piece of writing - thank you for sharing it.

Carol A. Briney


Thank you for always being uplifting and to the point! I too believe that one cannot be happy unless they are of service in this world. I believe that no matter who is in office they can only do so much. We as a nation must each individually step up to the plate. We all must become more. We must Be More to Have More. I believe that our Creator put us here to live a life of LOVE, JOY and Service! I urge everyone to take action in their life. Do those radom acts of kindness. Think of how you can serve other better in your job or business. Go the extra mile for people. This will all have a rippling effect that can't help but make our world a better place. Stop thinking about being a victim and step out in your own power, YOU ARE THE CHANGE THE WORLD NEEDS!

I appreciate you!

Barry Walsh

A definition of love coming from Kadampa Buddhist wisdom is:
'Wishing another to be happy', seeing how they are kind, precious and full of limitless potential.


Ioan Nicut

Hello Robert,

I know the reason you are successful. It is because you love what you do, you love what you give, you love the ones that you are giving. No wonder how at ease and how natural you are when giving.

I can hear your love for human beings in your voice, when you talk to us, your clients or your prospects and I can see your love in the value you give us without conditioning your act of giving.

How can other people can benefit of the image I just pictured -- as a reflection of what I experience reading your article --, is turning on the attention on themselves.

That is the first point people can start giving love. When you are saturated, because you have solved all your matters, you can start giving your love to your outer world.

To read more about love, the love that we give to ourselves and after that we give it further as a contribution, check my blog

With love for Human Beings,

Ioan Nicut

Fabrice Nye

Byron Katie says: "What is happiness but a state of no wanting?"


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