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December 01, 2008


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michael cardus

HEOB - is a slow moving silver bullet.
I also spent much time looking for this silver bullet - i feel that it is a sign of maturity (Business and personal) that we realize that there is no silver bullet. The nigerian millionairs skeen is not real, Ponzy skeems only work for a small portion of the bankers.
I agree listing prices on the website develops a "amusement park" mentality. Pay the price purchase the ticket and welcome to the park.


For me whether or not to display pricing on a web site for a turn-key program is something of a dilemma. I can see where you might think that some "persuading" may be needed for very high-end programs whose price tags might turn people away. However the flip side of not giving the price up front is that some people will not inquire fearing the price is just way too high. Many people don't want to make an inquiry just to find out the price of something because they fear the hard-sell, or because they are doing research for budgeting purposes.

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