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November 10, 2008


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The thing I love about Selfless Selling is that it is centered around the customer.

The more you center your business around the customer, the more loyal they will be.

There is less "trickery", your marketing is more authentic and inevitably you feel better about what and how you are selling.

Plus the major upside is that it leads to better backend sales because your customers have a greater appreciation for how they were treated throughout the sales process.

Great article and excellent advice!

David Ryan

Robert, I would like to emphasize the importance of one of the self-evaluation questions you mention: "What do I need to know to help this person?"

In my sales and marketing activity, I find it's much easier to be a "selfless seller" when one has a strong technical background.

I market and sell media replication (CDs, DVDs & videotape) and multimedia services, and my extensive tech and production experience indeed allow me to act more like an advisor -- right out of the gate, at the first contact.

I can propose solutions myself to most of the technical challenges presented, without having to always call in one of our tech staff, or saying, "Let me get back to you on that."

This confidence apparently comes across and seems to help move a prospect beyond solely deciding on price. They start to value with whom do they feel most "secure."

And I use my own "added value" website/blog to reinforce that further. I often follow-up with a prospect by e-mailing a link to one of my blogs that is relevant to the subject we've been discussing.

The sum of the above efforts has worked very well for me and keeps me on track as a "selfless seller."

You are right. Usually the process is so natural that it just "doesn't feel like selling."

Carol A. Briney


As always you hit the nail right on the head. I have always loved the idea of sharing what I do with others because I can fix so many of their challenges. Learning to ask the appropriate questions and listen, really listen to the answers makes all the difference in being a selfless seller. Because I finally learned to do just that I now get up in the morning and wonder just who will be lucky enough to talk to me today?
I love being able to make a difference for people. Thank you Robert for the difference you make. You are appreciated.

Carol Ross

Hi Robert,

Yes, I absolutely agree that selling is about service to others rather than serving ourselves. And in the process we do serve ourselves but that's not the primary focus.

I really like your last sentence about connecting and working together creatively. This speaks to the idea that I'm not doing something to someone, but rather I'm doing it with someone. The creativity piece is so important if the potential of the relationship is to be realized.

Thanks again for your clear words on this subject.


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