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November 24, 2008


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Thao Nguyen


I've been reading your newsletter for many months and have found your tips so insightful. As a web designer, I have to market my own skills and I completely agree that the best marketing secret is to listen to your clients.

I have two different instances to share. One was with a client who mentioned that she liked a more zen, clean design. So in the design process, I incorporated bonzai trees and a cool colors. When I showed her a draft, she loved it. I hit a home run. As you said in the newsletter, when you listen to clients, you won't have to do as much work selling your product.

Next was a client that I had been working with indirectly. My co-worker had actually been working directly with her. I recalled in her emails with him and how she thought so and so designs were 'too clean'. So instantly I knew, she didn't like corporate design and would be more apt to urban designs. When I had the opportunity to work with her, I knew exactly what she would like, something edgy and vibrant. Another home run and success!

Carna Zacharias-Miller

This is so true! I am an EFT practitioner (energy psychology), and I do most of my business over the phone with complete strangers who come across my website. When I started out, I was worried about how to explain what EFT is, and to explain how I can help them with their emotional challenges.
Well - I found out quickly that there was only one thing to do: to listen! When I do that, everything just falls into place (of course, I learned to ask for the business, too :-})

Barbara Ruth Saunders

I used to be a personal fitness trainer in a health club. New members were scheduled for a thinly vieled sales presentation called a Getting Started Orientation. I gained a reputation for selling from the GSO.

My only technique was, as you say, listening. Our members were corporate office workers. The list of their physical ailments and complaints was short and largely predictable from their day-to-day routine. People felt "really understood" when I could provide them immediate tips for that back problem (drive or sit down too much), that "low energy" problem (bad eating schedule), or what have you.

I should stress - I had something authentic to offer; this wasn't just a psychic's cold read!

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