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November 17, 2008


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Jim Eaton

WOW - I've been reading your newsletter a long time and this is one of the best. And it doesn't just apply to marketing... this article made me realize that a lot of the unresolved issues in my life are due to a lack of commitment on my part. Thanks!

Terrill Welch

Hello Robert,

Your post today really struck a cord with me. I have been receiving your sagely advice since I started my business May 2003. I have done very well at times and than less so at other times.

However, I wasn’t feeling like I was playing my fullest game. Something was out of alignment. There was a segment of my ideal client group (committed, competent and inspired women leaders) that was having difficulty accessing my services because they were too expensive. Yet I believed in my work and the field of executive coaching. I didn’t want to devalue the services. So I struggled, whined complained and tried to reach these clients for months… and months. Then one day lighting struck my gray matter and I knew what I needed to do and how I needed to do it.

If I most wanted to serve – then I should serve. If I most wanted to maintain the integrity of the services – then I should simply build that into my services. From May to August of this year I researched, redesigned and launched a new by-donation approach to all of my services. I was ready in advance of the recent financial crisis and have had one of the most exciting, thrilling and thriving falls of my business history! My approach is well designed with frequently asked questions which explain how it works; a story telling my clients what brought me to this approach; and a contract that delivers services specifically to meet their needs.

I am no longer trying to reach these clients – I am serving these clients. On top of that! These clients are generous and I am working from a place of triple abundance – my client’s, the charities I am supporting and my company’s! This approach is not something everyone could or would want to do nor is it right for every client group… but it is right for me, the women leaders I work with and for my company. To learn how the approach works and read my story go to .

Thank you Robert for all that you do and the gifts you bring to others:)

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