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October 27, 2008


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mark allen roberts

Enthusiasm is a bi-product of passionately solving your markets’ problems verse “hitting your sales numbers.”

Companies who set out to solve market problems have enthusiasm as they are on a quest to serve their market. They constantly strive to uncover unresolved problems and solve them in breakthrough ways.

I look forward to learning more about your APM club.

Mark Allen Roberts

Roberta Eastman

Enthusiasm is one of those emotions that people believe to be a risk in business.

Just as marketing the essence of your business vs. marketing a commodity based service, is perceived to be a risk.

There is some truth to that, as not everyone will get what you offer when it is being offered from an emotional place.

However, once we move past the fear and better understand one doesn’t need everyone to get it, there is nothing more contagious than enthusiasm and emotion.

What I am most enthusiastic about in my business right now?

-Continue the success, I have seen over the last year, due to fueling my business with emotion.

Thank you for such great insight, in your post.

Mark Smith

Good reminder Robert. I read recently in "The Art of Possibility" (by Rosamund and Benjamin Stone) about an example of the importance of our perceptions. They shared a scenario of two shoe salespeople sent to check out market opportunities in a region of Africa. One writes back that the situation is hopeless because no one WEARS shoes. The other writes back that there is a tremendous opportunity because no one HAS shoes.

Many opportunities to apply that thinking in my business. For instance, 80% of respondents to a Training Magazine survey report having Problem Solving Training in place. Two potential takes on this news. One, business will by hard to come by because most have a solution in place and it will be hard to unseat an incumbent. Alternatively, 80% know they need Problem Solving training and almost all have an inferior solution to the one we propose.

Ruth Dubinsky

It's exciting, motivating and energizing to know that I offer bottom-line value to my clients. Thanks for reminding me to feed that enthusiasm, rather than cave in to uncertainty and fear.

Pamela Slim

Excellent article Robert, and congratulations on the launch of your new service!

It sounds great. I will definitely share it with my clients and readers.

All the best,


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